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Courses Approved for Critical Theory Minor

Pre-Approved Courses for critical theory minor 2023-2024 Academic Year

Courses subject to change - see CAESAR for additional course information.

FALL 2023

AF_AM_ST 380-0 - 20 Black Political Thought (Hesse)
AF_AM_ST 380-0 - 22 Black Feminist World-making (Mann)
COMM_ST 295-0-20: Afro-Feminist Futures (Bailey)
COMM_ST 315-0-20 Rhetoric of Social Movements (Gaonkar)
COMP_LIT 202-0-23: Analyzing Freud (Weitzman)
COMP_LIT 307-0-20: Feminist, Queer, Crip: South Korea and Its Discontents (We)
ENGLISH 215-0-01: Topics in Literature, Film, and Media (Davis)
ENGLISH 281-0-20: Topics in Postcolonial & Comparative Literatures (Mwangi)
ENGLISH 365-0-20: Postcolonial Sexualities (Mwangi)
ENGLISH 366-0-20: Black Feminist World-Making (Mann)
GERMAN 224-0-1: Germany and the African Dias (Holt)
GERMAN 244-0-1: Analyzing Freud (Weitzman)
GNDR_ST 220-0-20: Sexual Subjects: Introduction to Sexuality Studies (Fenrich)
GNDR_ST 230-0-20:Traditions in Feminist Thought (Zamperini)
GNDR_ST 235-0-20: Beyond the Binary: Transgender and Race (Kean)
GNDR_ST 361-0-20: Feminist, Queer, Crip: South Korea & Its Discontents (We)
GNDR_ST 381-0-20: Queer Theory (Enteen)
GNDR_ST 382-0-20: AfroFeminist Futures (Bailey)
GNDR_ST 390-0-22: Deportation Law & Politics (Stevens)
HISTORY 200-0-20: Race and Racism (Gadsden)
PHIL 224-0-20: Philosophy, Race, and Racism (Medina)
PHIL 361-0-20: Freedom and Autonomy (Mellor)
POLI_SCI 201-0-20: Introduction to Political Theory (Stevens)
POLI_SCI 307-0-1: Deportation Law and Politics (Stevens)
POLI_SCI 337-0-1: Gender and Politics (Orloff)


ANTHRO 390-0-3: Sexing the Middle East: Gender & Sexuality in the Middle East (Shankar)
BLK_ST 212-2-60: Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights Movement (Gadsden)
BLK_ST 245-0-20: The Black Diaspora and Transnationality (Perry)
BLK_ST 334-0-20: Gender & Black Masculinity (Bey)
BLK_ST 380-0-23: Studies in African American Literature (Jackson)
BLK_ST 380-0-21: Africans and African Americans: Cultural Entanglements (Ayobade)
COMM_ST 317-0 - 20 Voice, Violence, and Democracy (Gaonkar)
COMP_LIT 207-0-1: Introduction to Critical Theory (Alznauer)
COMP_LIT 211-0-20: Readings in Genre: The Modern Italian Short Story (Ricciardi)
COMP_LIT 211-0-22: Readings in Genre: Introduction to Italian Cinema (Torlasco)
ENGLISH 283-0-01: Introduction to Literature and the Environment (Shannon)
ENGLISH 339-0-20: Studies in Shakespeare: Green Worlds? Shakespeare's Environmental Question (Shannon)
ENGLISH 366-0-20: Studies in African American Literature: Af Am Writers of the 20th & 21st Centuries (Jackson)
ENGLISH 397-0-20: Research Seminar for Literature Majors: Cultures of Play (Soni)
FRENCH 380-0-20: Political & Social Thought in France: How to Change the World (Garraway)
FRENCH 395-0-20: Advanced Studies in Culture and Thought: Thinking Subjectivity (Durham)
GERMAN 272-0-1: Luther and the West (Helmer)
GNDR_ST 321-0-1: Gender, Sexuality, and History: Making Sense of the “Second Wave” of Feminism (Partridge)
GNDR_ST 341-0-20: Transnational Gender & Sexuality (Gonsalves)
GNDR_ST 381-0-20: Queer Theory (Enteen)
GNDR_ST 390-0 - 23: Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Gender & Black Masculinity (Bey)
HISTORY 212-2 - 22 Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Civil Rights Movement (Gadsden)
ITALIAN 204-0-20: The Modern Italian Short Story (Ricciardi)
ITALIAN 251-0-20: Introduction to Italian Cinema (Torlasco)
PHIL 220-0-20: Introduction to Critical Theory (Alznauer)
POLI_SCI 306-0-1: American Political Thought (Stevens)
RELIGION 272-0-20: Luther and the West (Helmer)


ANTHRO  390-0-35: Settler Colonialism (Baker)
ANTHRO  390-0-36: Race Across Time in Latin America (Arispe-Bazan)
ART_HIST  390-0-2: Framing the Colonial, Picturing Race (Kennedy)
ART_HIST  390-0-5: Black Feminist Ecocritical Art Histories (Thompson)
ASIAN_AM  376-0-2: Transpacific Literature: Saboteurs and Tricksters (We)
BLK_ST  210-0-1: Introduction to African American Literature (Vaughn)
BLK_ST  380-0-20: Feeling Black Music (Hesse)
BLK_ST  380-0-23: Black Vernacular as Theory (Bey)
BLK_ST  380-0-26: Afrofuturism: Race, Technology, and Liberation (DeFrantz)
BLK_ST  381-0-20: Black Feminisms in a Francophone Context (Larcher)
COMP_LIT  202-0-21: Introduction to Existentialism (Durham)
COMP_LIT  205-0-20: Introduction to Feminist Theory (Brixel)
COMP_LIT  305-0-23: Studies in Film, Media, and Visual Culture (Weitzman)
COMP_LIT  306-0-1: Transpacific Literature: Saboteurs and Tricksters (We)
COMP_LIT  312-0-1: The Uncanny (Unheimlich) in Theory and Literature (Weber)
ENGLISH  266-0-20: African American Literature from the Beginning to the Present (Wilson)
ENGLISH  366-0-20: The Black Novel (Mann)
ENGLISH  374-0-20: Protest Indigenous Literature (Wisecup)
ENGLISH 383-0: Black Feminist Theory (Bey)
FRENCH  211-0-20: Black France (Garraway)
FRENCH 277-0-20: French Existentialism (Durham)
GERMAN  246-0-1: Queer East Central Europe (DeSocio & Wilczewski)
GERMAN  322-0-1: German Cultural Criticism (and Beyond) (Weitzman)
GNDR_ST 233-0-20: Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (Brixel)
GNDR_ST  321-0-20: Gender, War, and Revolution in the 20th Century (Liu)
GNDR_ST  321-0-21: A Woman's Work is Never Done: Gender and Labor (Pearson)
GNDR_ST  324-0-20: US Gay and Lesbian History (Fenrich)
GNDR_ST  331-0-20: Masculinities & Society (Ewert)
GNDR_ST  350-4-20: Queer Oral History (Rhodes)
GNDR_ST  361-0-1: Queering Girlhood (English)
GNDR_ST 380-0-1: Black Feminisms in a Francophone Context (Larcher)
GNDR_ST 382-0-1: Contemporary Philosophy of Race, Gender, and Sexuality (Codjia)
GNDR_ST  390-0-22: Indigenous Testimonies in Translation (West)
GNDR_ST  397-0–1: Black Feminist Theory (Bey)
GNDR_ST  397-0-2: Latinx Feminism (Garcia)
HISTORY  300-0-30: Red Power: Indigenous Resistance in the US & Canada (Kiel)
HISTORY 324-0-20: US Gay and Lesbian History (Fenrich)
HISTORY  340-0–20: Gender, War, and Revolution in the 20th Century (Liu)
HISTORY  353-0-20: History of Capitalism, 1500-1850 (Bates)
HISTORY  393-0-28: Sex and Gender in Revolution (Carroll)
HISTORY 395-0-20: A Woman's Work is Never Done: Gender and Labor (Pearson)
HISTORY  395-0-26: Queer Oral Histories (Rhodes)
PHIL 221-0-20: Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (Brixel)
POLI_SCI  303-0-20: Modernity and Its Discontents (TBA)
POLI_SCI  361-0-20: Democracy and Autocracy (Gibson)
POLI_SCI  395-0-28: Black Political Thought (Tillery)


Please contact or if you would like to petition for a course to count toward the Critical Theory Minor that is not listed. Please provide the course number, description, reading lists, and syllabus (if available).