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Academic Placements

Academic Appointments and Visiting Positions:

Here are some of the first academic appointments of Critical Theory Cluster graduate students (with apologies for inevitable omissions). The cluster is young, but large, so we greatly appreciate students and colleagues sending updates to 

African-American Studies
Bernard Forjwuor: Postdoctoral Fellow, Politics, Mt. Holyoke College

Comparative Literary Studies
Menglu Gao: University of Denver, Assistant Professor, English
Scott Newman: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Lecturer, English
Benjamin Robinson: Research Fellow, ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry), Berlin
Jonas Rosenbruck: Amherst College, Assistant Professor of German

Henrik Sunde Wilberg: Assistant Professor, German, University of Minnesota, Morris

Music Theory & Cognition
Stefan Greenfield-Casas: University of Richmond, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Performance Studies
Colleen Daniher:  Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown University

Marzouq Alnusf: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Kuwait University
Deborah Goldgaber: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Louisiana State University
Seth Mayer: Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Manchester University

Political Science
Tristan Bradshaw: School of Liberal Art, University of Wollongong, Lecturer
Arturo Chang: University of Toronto Mississauga, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Jennifer Forestal: Assistant Professor, Political Science, Stockton College
Anna Terwiel: Assistant Professor, Political Science, Trinity College
Desiree Weber:  Assistant Professor, Political Science, College of Wooster

Rhetoric & Public Culture
Dylan Rollo: Drake University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

Theatre and Drama
David Calder: Lecturer in Theater and Performance Studies, The University of Manchester

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