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Past Events Archive Summary

2017-2018 Past Events

"Notes for a Decolonial Critique of Debt" - Rocio Zambrana | June 7, 2018

Sponsored by the Kreeger Wolf Endowment, Critical Theory Cluster, German Department, Philosophy Department, and Spanish and Portuguese Department.


"Waterways and Intellectual Networks: D.D.T Jabavu's Voyage to India" - Tina Steiner | May 31, 2018

Sponsored by The Indian Ocean Epistemologies initiative of Northwestern's Critical Theory Cluster, in conjunction with the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs.

tina steiner

"The Art of Forgetting: Intimacy and Erasure in German and Turkish Art Histories" - Banu Karaca | November 15, 2017

banu karaca

Critical Theory in the Global South Teach-In Sessions | November 13, 2017

An Initiative of Northwestern's Critical Theory Cluster, and the ICCTP (International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs) Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Benjamin's Critique of Violence: A German and Latin American Critical Theory Cooperation Event 

Faculty-Graduate Book Discussion of Christoph Menke's Law and Violence  | November 8, 2017

christoph menke flyer

Black Rehearsal - A Graduate Workshop on New Writing with Fred Moten (NYU) & Stefano Harney (Singapore Management University) | November 7-8, 2017

fred moten flyer

"Plato as Critical Theorist" - Professor Jonny Thakkar, Swarthmore College | November 3, 2017

jonny thakkar flyer

How Demanding Should Human Rights Be? An Interdisciplinary Workshop | October 13-14, 2017

(More information about this event)

human rights workshop

Critical Theory Graduate Kick-Off | October 2, 2017

events-flyer-kick-off Oct 2017.jpg 

2016-2017 Past Events

"Fundamentos Para Una Teoría de la Enunciación Novomundana" - Daniel Link | May 30, 2017

daniel link

"Deconstruction and Psychoanalysis" - Rosaura Martinez and Isabelle Alfandary | May 25-26, 2017

rosaura martinez

"Politics in the Souls of Black Folk" - Chike Jeffers | May 17, 2017

chike jeffers

 "Entomological Persons: Insects and Ahab" - Branka Arsic | May 11-12, 2017

branka arsic

 Queer Temporality and Media Aesthetics Workshop | April 27-28, 2017

queer temporality and media aesthetics

"Obsessive Play with Light and Sound: Su Friedrich's Seeing Red with Walter Benjamin and Deleuze & Guattari" - Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky | April 27, 2017


 "The "Between the Law" of the Cunning State" - Shalini Randeria | April 19, 2017

shalini randeria

"Cultural Constructionism" - Chike Jeffers | April 14, 2017

chike jeffers

"Researching Du Bois" and "Race as Cultural Construction" - Chike Jeffers | April 10 and April 24

chike jeffers

Critical Theory Cluster Dissertation Symposium | February 16-17, 2017 | More Information

dissertation symposium

"Revisiting Adorno and Black Expression" | February 7, 2017

Fumi Okiji (Black Arts Postdoctoral Fellow, Performance Studies and African American Studies) in conversation with Alex Weheliye (African American Studies) and Anna Parkinson (German)

revisiting adorno

"Epistemic Activism and Shared Responsibility for Racial Violence" - Jose Medina, Vanderbilt Univ. | January 20, 2017


Critical Theory in Critical Times Conference with Axel Honneth | November 3 and November 11, 2016 | More Information


Critical Theory Minor event: "Whose bias do y'all seek?"... | October 19, 2016

minor workshop

Critical Theory Graduate Cluster Kick-Off | October 5, 2016


Past Critical theory event flyers

lee edelman: on freedom


Crepon Talk

Cuteness Event

Gender and Vulnerabilities

2015 Gender and Vulnerabilities Schedule

Critical Theory of Legal Revolutions

Hegel without Metaphysics

Suffering, Nature, Reason

The Desiring Image

Avital Ronell: Ach! The History of a Complaint

Critical Theory in Critical Times

Philosophies of Immanence

Critical Theory in France: A Difficult Dialogue

Gender and Adrocentrism

The Vulnerale and the Political

The Case of the Missing Hand

Aesthetic Practice: Judgement That Hates Itself

Lisa Guenther Lecture

History, Metaphysics and the Limits of Tragedy in Kierkegaard

Graduate Student Discussion


The Different From of Domination

Francoise Dastur: What is Understanding?

Discussion & Book Launch of Bonnie Honig's Antigone, Interrupted

Critical Theory Cluster Garden Party

Dying for Time: From Socrates to Lacan and Beyond

Cathy Caruth