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Fall 2012

PHIL 461 European Social Thought (Mark Alznauer)
POLI_SCI 461 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Monoson-Berns)
POLI_SCI 468 Problems in Democratic Theory (Honig)
CLS 410/SPO 401 The Coordinates of Theory: North by North South (Jorge Coronado)
CLS 481/FRENCH 493 Topics in Literary Theory: Writing the Literary (Nasrin Qader)
CLS 488 Romanticism and its Discontents (Jörg Kreienbrock)
AAFAM 480 Freedom, Colonialism and Democracy in the Black (S Johnson)
COMM_ST 415 Seminar in Rhetorical Criticism – Transnational/Discourse (Dilip Gaonkar)
COMM_ST 525-22 Seminar: Problems in Communication Studies:Introduction to Cultural Studies (C. Riley Snorton)
COMM_ST 525-23 Seminar: Problems in Communication Studies: Introduction to Rhetoric (Jasmine Cobb)

Winter 2013

CLS 487/ FRENCH 421 Visual Culture: Cinema, Performance Studies & Multimedia (Domietta Torlasco)
POLI_SCI Early Modern Political Theory (Toender)
POLI_SCI Knowledge and Politics (Stevens)
GERMAN 401 Naturphilosophie (Fenves)
AFAM 420 Black Expressive Arts, Literature, and Culture (Weheliye)

Spring 2013

CLS 413/ENG 431 Grammars of Pre-Modernity (Will West)
CLS 481/GER 441 Singularity (Sam Weber)
POLI_SCI Critical Studies in World Politics (Loriaux)
POLI_SCI Late Modern Political Thought (Dietz)
POLI_SCI Locke and the Interpretation of Texts (Farr)
AFAM 410 Black Feminist and Black Queer Theories (E.P Johnson)
AFAM 460 Black Social and Political Thought (Iton)
AFAM 480 Geneology of Racism as a Concept (Hesse)
ENG 481 Studies in Literary Theory & Criticism: Psychoanalysis & Literature (Christopher Lane)

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