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Fall 2011

AFAM 401 Conceptual Methodologies
AFAM 480-1 Post-Soul Blackness
CLS 414 Studies in Genre: The Logic of Poetry
CLS 410 Theories of Literature: The Question of Sublimation Now
GER 403 German Literature, Critical Thought & New Media 1900-1945
GER 441 Studies in Communication and Culture: Trauma
PERF 515 Problems in Performance Studies: Performing Racial Exception
PHIL 414 Hegel's Philosophy of History
COMM 475 The Author as Problem
RTVF 403 Media Cultural Theory
SOC 406-2 Modern Theory in Sociological Analysis

Winter 2012

AFAM 403 Diasporic Theory & Diaspora Tropes
CLS 411 Critical Practices: The Aesthetic
CLS 488 The Uncanny I: Literature and the First Person Singular
ENG 441 Empiricism Judgment & the Emergence of the Aesthetic
GER 404 German Literature, Critical Thought & New Media since 1945
GENDER 405 Advanced Feminist Theory
PHIL 415 Seminar in French Philosophy
POLISCI 468 Problems in Democratic Theory: Critique, Contestation, Comedy
POLISCI 490 The European Union

Spring 2012

AFAM 402 Memory Studies
AFAM 480-0 Black Literary Criticism and Theory
AFAM 480-1 Poststructuralism and Black Political Thought
ENG 461-20 Studies in Contemporary Literature: Circulation
GER402 German Literature & Critical Thought 1832-1900
GER 441 Studies in Communication and Culture
GENDER 490-20 Queer Theory
GENDER 490-21 Reconsidering Reproduction in Feminist Theory
PHIL 414 Habermas on Communicative Rationality
POLISCI 464 Contemporary Political Theory: Hannah Arendt