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Critical Theory Certificate Program Requirements

How to participate in the critical theory certificate program?

  1. Declare affiliation to the Critical Theory Cluster. To affiliate, please fill out this form or e-mail
  2. Complete five courses chosen from a list of approved courses and meet the requirements listed below.
    1. Courses for the certificate must be comprised of five letter-graded (A, B, C) courses authorized for graduate credit. Courses counted for the certificate must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA.
    2. No more than two courses can be counted towards the certificate from the student’s degree program.
  3. Submit an Application for a Graduate Certificate

Course requirements (total 5 courses)

All courses that may count toward the Critical Theory Certificate can be found on our graduate courses page: APPROVED COURSE LIST

Foundational Critical Theory seminars, chosen from these generally defined fields (at least 2 courses):
Remaining Courses (3):

We welcome requests to count a course that is not on the list. Please send your request to In the request, please provide the course number/title, description, syllabus (if available), and any other helpful information about the course as it relates to critical theory content.

certificate awarding:

When you have completed the certificate requirements, please fill out the Application for a Graduate Certificate (scroll toward bottom of page to find link to application). Each course counting toward the Critical Theory Certificate must be listed. The application requires approval by Critical Theory Certificate Associate Director, Professor Peter Fenves, and for students also pursuing a PhD or Master's, the Director of Graduate Studies of the degree program. Please note, you should submit the certificate application once all requirements have been completed, but no later than the time that you file for graduation (in the final quarter of study).

If approved, the Critical Theory Certificate award will appear on your transcript. Certificates are processed by The Graduate School at the end of each quarter. The award will appear on your transcript at the end of quarter in which your certificate was approved. 

Please reach out to the Critical Theory Cluster administrator ( if you have any questions. You may also visit The Graduate School webpage about Certificates for more information.