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This list, compiled by Serah Kasembeli, Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow with the Indian Ocean Epistemologies project, provides links to book series, journals, and academic and governmental institutions related to the study of Indian Ocean epistemologies.

Ohio University Press Indian Ocean Study Series
Offering an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to Indian Ocean Studies, this series focuses on on such topics as human migration, cultural and religious diversity, trade and commerce, imperialism and colonialism, and globalization as they relate to the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Tufts University School of Arts and Sciences Centre for South Asia and Indian Ocean Studies
The Center was established in 1989, and engages scholarship on the South Asian subcontinent and the Indian Ocean Rim. The program includes faculty research, doctoral training, and undergraduate instruction.

Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies (JIOWS)
The Journal of Indian Ocean World Studies publishes original peer reviewed articles by established and emerging scholars in the social sciences and related disciplines that contribute to an understanding of the Indian Ocean World and its constituent parts, from early times to the present day. The Journal defines the Indian Ocean World as a macro-region running from Africa to East Asia, comprising both maritime and terrestrial zones. Its first Issue was published in 2017.

Indian Ocean World Centre (2004)
The Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) at McGill University is a research initiative and resource base established to promote the study of the history, economy and cultures of the lands and peoples of the Indian Ocean World, from China to Southeast and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

UC Davis Humanities Institute on "Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds"
UC Davis Humanities Institute hosts the "Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds" Mellon Research Initiative, which brings together faculty and graduate students from across various disciplines. The initiative emerged from the Davis Humanities Institute Research Cluster on contemporary "Indian Ocean Imaginaries."  Research projects of graduate students associated with this cluster engage with a wide number of cities, oceanic ecologies, warscapes, asylums, waste markets, musicscapes, and other sites in this region.

US Naval War College Rhode Island Indian Ocean Studies Group
The Indian Ocean Studies Group focuses on maritime security and security-related issues in the Indian Ocean, both at sea and in the Indian Ocean's surrounding nations.

Palgrave series in Indian Ocean World Series
This is the first scholarly series devoted to the study of the Indian Ocean world from early times to the present day.

International Institute for Asian Studies: Indian Ocean Studies- The Leiden Centre for Indian Ocean Studies.
The centre brings together people and methods to study the oceanic world through individual and institutional collaborations.

The Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group (IORAG)
The Indian Ocean Rim Academic Group is an initiative of the Indian Ocean Rim Association, an inter-governmental organization established in 1997. The IORAG maintains two journals: Journal of the Indian Ocean Region and Journal of the Indian Ocean Rim Studies.

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