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Cristina Lafont

Director, Critical Theory; Professor of Philosophy; Chair, Philosophy

PhD University of Frankfurt, 1992; Habilitation University of Frankfurt, 2000
Her current research focuses on normative questions in political philosophy concerning democracy and citizen participation, global governance, human rights, religion and politics. She is the author of Global Governance and Human Rights (Spinoza Lecture Series, van Gorcum, 2012), The Linguistic Turn in Hermeneutic Philosophy (MIT Press, 1999), Heidegger, Language, and World-disclosure (Cambridge University Press, 2000), and co-editor of The Future of Critical Theory: Transforming the Global Political and Economic Order (Columbia University Press, forthcoming) and The Habermas Handbuch (Metzler Verlag, 2010). She has also published numerous articles in contemporary moral and political philosophy. In 2011 she was named to the Spinoza Chair at the University of Amsterdam, and in 2012/13 she was a Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin. She is the director of the Program in Critical Theory and co-director of the Research Group on Global Capitalism and Law funded by a “Big Ideas” grant of the Buffett Institute at Northwestern University.